A White Heron: Loopholes

Sylvia has a major choice to make in the climax of the story “A White Heron.” She can either tell the strange man the location of the white heron and receive ten dollars, or keep it a secret and save the heron’s life. Sylvia has been conditioned by society to think that money makes your life better, that the more money you make, the more you are worth as a person. She is very tempted to give away her secret in exchange for this, but she realizes that she shouldn’t, and she doesn’t have to. Instead of going with the whims of society, she finds herself a loophole. She keeps the heron safe, and does not get the money. Because she realizes that money can buy her so many things, but it won’t buy her the heron’s life, and it won’t buy her the happiness and content with her own life she already has. She refuses to become part of this “reality,” where strange men kill the things the love and bow down to riches.


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